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This Web Site is dedicated to the Thomas Family genealogy, other related families, our family ancestral history and documentation through the efforts of all those doing research on the Thomas lineage.

I have been doing research on my lineage for many years. It has been most enjoyable and quite addicting as well! Like most people I started by gathering information from older family members and listing them on family group charts. Then later converting these charts to computerized text files in the 1980's and finally to genealogy programs and the Internet. I guess I really got the genealogy bug after I located all the names of my great great grandparents. At that time it became more than just a hobby, but rather a need to determine how my family and other related families made Ohio their home.

Many names contained in the databases listed in this web site came from the collaboration with other researchers. I have listed those references to them in the section of the database that pertains to them. Numerous names came from the linking with other family genealogy databases and many came from just good old fashion research that included countless hours at courthouses, libraries, cemeteries etc. If you are a fellow genealogist, I think you know the routine.

Please let me know if you find any person you are looking for and upon your request, I might be able to provide you with more information on that family. Due to the many names listed there could be some errors and conflicts. Please let me know if you find any errors or a conflict with your family data. If you do report an error, please provide me with some supporting references so I may create a more complete and accurate record. Don't take all the lineages listed as gospel. Just check them out first as your interpretation could be different than mine.

I hope you enjoy browsing this web site and happy hunting.



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